First of all, let’s get it right – it’s Rock CRICK, not creek, they take their fishing pretty serious here and you don’t want to sound like a Californian.

Seven and a half miles down a small winding, often one lane, mountain road is a little piece of heaven, and a huge fabrication shop, and my Uncle Bjarne. This is by far one of my favorite places. Bjarne has been on the property for 25+ years with his wife Dorothy and they have been joined up here by his son Rick – my kinda cousin/kinda step brother/it’s kinda complicated family.

Visits to Montana always include lots of fresh air, river rafting, wildlife, and one of my favorite parts:playing with heavy equipment.

This year we also took an off road ride up to a ghost town from the 1930s. Garnet Montana was a mining town that today is preserved by the BLM. No, not THAT BLM, but the original BLM; Bureau of Land Management. Here Jeanne and I pose with an OG BLM Gangsta.

No trip to a ghost town is complete without arty pictures and a good walk around wondering what life was like for the pioneering souls who lived there.


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