Resources for successful travelers

While we live as full time RVers, we love to cruise. And hike. And put the coach in storage and fly someplace cool and stay in local hotels. Oh wait, we love to motorcycle – on our last trip we did 16 days through rain and snow covering much of Central Oregon and the Olympic Peninsula. Wherever we go we keep an eye out for dirt track and off road racing, and for festivals of pretty much any sort. I love photography and have tried tons of software and gear and I still struggle to find the perfect camera body strap for hiking and scrambling up rocks and hills without smashing an expensive lens. Perhaps I need to design it. Where I’m going with this is that travel requires planning and gear and deals. We do nothing but travel, and when we are in one place we are always researching our next step and what we might need to do it. Feel free to do your own planning but I’d also like to share some of what we’ve learned with you and if you shop with one of our affiliates, great for us. If you find some information here that helps you – great for you.

ACDSEE Photo Studio Ultimate

For years I used Adobe Lightroom until I finally saw the light and left the subscription based, proprietary monolith for an open standards solution.

All the tools I need to lightly develop a RAW image from my camera, or to create a full on layered and blended image to tell a story in one place! It gives me non-destructive photo editing without having to store the changes in a proprietary database.

Easy to use for all skill levels and featuring light and color controls that can effect the entire image, or just the sparkle in an eye.

While we feel like home is wherever we are, most insurance companies won’t agree with that. They believe home is where your primary care provider is.

MASA is like a secondary insurance policy that covers medically necessary air transport, ambulance costs, and can even have your rig driven back to you if you have to get “home” for medical care for an emergency.

We view this as an inexpensive stop gap purchase for piece of mind and suggest that if you are long term travelers you plan ahead!

Skyscanner is to finding flights what Google is to finding everything else!

Much more flexible than traditional air search engines, you can find some great deals or even find a place or route you hadn’t thought of!