Now, before you dirty minded people let your fantasies run away with you, let me clarify. We seem to theme our travel, whether we set out to or not.

Back in 2018 we wrote a blog piece about how that year had been the summer of music for us, 2019 was our journey into fitness. 2020? Well, of course F-ing COVID dominated all of our collective consciousness, but we still managed to visit 12 states, hundreds of cities and stayed NEG through it all and summered in the beautiful Montana, Wyoming and Idaho mountains.

We have always enjoyed dirt track and off road racing. I used to pit for a dirt track car in Bakersfield and we have attended the King of the Hammers, the worlds most rugged single day off road race (that lasts a week or more) 5 out of the last 7 years. I’ve gone to Mexico on a motorcycle to watch the Baja 1000 and we hope to do that again soon!

But this year, we are changing how we roll, literally. We bought a Polaris RZR and we will be bringing it with us on a trailer and exploring the dirty trails everywhere we go. We have a month booked in Oklahoma with plenty of trails nearby and a week at an off road resort for a week long off road event full of racing and music!

So watch for a flurry of motorsport related posts and adventures. We plan to ride CA, AZ, NM, OK and see where it goes from there – and when we’re not riding we look for Saturday night dirt tracks in my never ending quest for the best race track burger and cheapest beer!


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