Yellowstone has been on both of our bucket lists for years, but it’s just so far away from, well, everywhere, that we’ve always gone around it. The mountain passes to get there are high and not always RV friendly and we’ve heard it’s so crowded. But this year a visit just fell into place – We found a great hunting/fishing resort with RV hookups, a great weekly rate, and a bar featuring Huckleberry Margaritas.

Being just thirty minutes from the West Entrance to Yellowstone we have been able to make several trips into the park in search of Geysers and critters. Let me tell you, this place does not disappoint! This guy just walked down the road stopping traffic as if he were a protester! Bison Lives Matter!

The Elk are everywhere as well and some are a little too comfortable with humans for my taste. This momma and her kids don’t seem to know the parks 25 yard distance rule as they found the nearby berries too great a temptation. Meanwhile, the bull decided to wander across the river and watch from there.

The park is famous for it’s large and diverse populations of wildlife, but the truly amazing life here is the earth itself beneath your feet. The earth vents and spits, a constant reminder of the super volcano beneath your feet. Death Valley has always been among my favorite places for the same reason Yellowstone is attractive to me; it’s as close to leaving the planet you can get without a flight on SpaceX or Virgin Galactic

In terms of geologic and geothermal activity, two sites are famous, and even if a bit crowded, are absolute must sees: Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Pool.

We’ve been here ten days now, and it’s pretty hard to get bored. Just a short drive south takes us to Jackson and the awesome Tetons.

Within walking or bicycling distance of our camp (3 miles) we find ourselves at Quake Lake, a geological wonder that is a demonstration that the formation of our environment isn’t over. The lake pictured here was created after an earthquake struck on August 17, 1959, killing 28 people and dramatically changing the landscape. If you read our earlier posts you may recall we hiked a trail in Idaho that was consumed by an earthquake last year! We are indeed just along for the ride on this planet and hardly in control!

Everywhere you look here, there is evidence of natural beauty, real power, and reminders that we can choose wonder over anger.


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