If you have read our past posts you will recall we started the pandemic here in Nevada. Like most people, we were shocked, scared and put ourselves in total lockdown mode. We made one trip to Vegas to Sams Club early on and then considered Vegas an infected zone, like on The Walking Dead.

Well, that was March, now it’s October and we’ve learned how to continue to live our lives as we choose to – taking what precautions we consider prudent, yet not over the top red zone total lock down paranoia. We had already taken one trip to Vegas to buy a car, but we didn’t go near the strip.

We changed that yesterday.

Pre-COVID (how bizarre is it that we now have a time line differentiator like that? Our modern day version of BC, or pre-plague) we used to goto Vegas every few weeks just to walk, gawk and have a fancy lunch. We could get 5 – 10 miles walking in easily and burn off the decadent lunch we would enjoy. Back in those days we would catch a movie in the morning and walk all afternoon. We loved it. The only downside was the crowds. The lines. Having to squeeze through an overcharged and drunk cross section of humanity, everywhere you went.

Then comes along COVID and THAT “problem” was “solved”.

We don’t want to overstate our case, there were still thousands of people around, but not hundreds of thousands like there used to be. I can’t imagine how they are paying the electric bills at this level.

The shops are empty.

Some casinos are still closed.

And even the statues wear masks.

One the plus side….you are no longer annoyed by the drunk guy next to you at the black jack table who’s breath smells like yesterday’s cigarettes and this morning’s vomit – everybody get’s to play in their own Get Smart style cone of silence.

Downtown was still jamming, it’s a younger, rowdier crowd and they ain’t afraid of no ghost virus, but the attendance was a fraction of what we’ve seen before.

But Vegas is Vegas, we had an $8.99 Prime Rib dinner accompanied by a $13.00 Makers Mark Manhattan. All in all – it was fun having the place to ourselves, relatively speaking, but Viva Las Vegas, pandemically.


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