If you ever find yourself in Challis Idaho, or if you can get yourself to Challis Idaho, we strongly recommend a stopover at Challis Hot Springs Campground and RV Park.

After spending a few days hiking in the mountains of Stanley, Idaho, and driving back down the mountain on Idaho 75, this place was just what we needed. Highway 75 is a beautiful old state road that follows the Salmon River from Stanley back down to the valley. They didn’t overspend on guardrails or shoulders on this one, and the views of the river well below you are breathtaking. Equally breathtaking is the passengers view straight down from the height of our coach down to the rivers edge with no silly obstructions, like road, or a rail. It was a nail biter but slow and steady wins the race and the reward is so worth it!

In our 3 1/2 years on the road we have stayed in literally hundreds of RV parks and resorts and we are pretty modest in our needs, but we sure know a gem when we find one. Family owned and operated and it shows. Clearly they take pride in themselves and their property and it is reflected in their park and the way they treat their guests. The sites are clean and level and superbly manicured and site 22 has the river and it’s wonderful sound right at your door.

We would have been perfectly happy here just as a stopover, although it is 6 miles off the highway, but OMG, the hot springs!!! There are two pools, one hot (103-107) and one moderate (98-100). Both are crystal clear and fed by a source that literally bubbles up right through the gravel bottom of the pool! They are drained daily and are clean and safe. We have been to ALOT of hot springs all over the country and this one was the perfect mix of clean, family friendly, and safe.

Another plus for us, they have a beautiful and well kept walking trail that we found to be almost exactly a half mile of manicured wild grass. Five laps around is our morning run with a soak after – the perfect morning!


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