NOTE: A day after we wrote this post the following video was made available to us. Like everyone we are concerned for our safety and trying to do our best to protect ourselves with what limited materials we have. I will leave the post up as it is a sign on the times but please make your own decisions.

Begin Original post: Like you, we are trapped in a Steven King novel and can’t get to, or are afraid to get to, the end of the book. We’re doing everything within our power to stay fit, healthy and Rona-free, unless, of course, it’s a Corona with a tequila shot and a wedge of lime.

We’ve been following the “to mask or not to mask” debate and while we rarely go near people anymore, when we have no choice a mask seems prudent. But if a medical mask is appropriate to protect those who know they are near the virus, why wouldn’t I want to treat everyone I encounter as a carrier and have as good of a mask? It occurred to me that high end HVAC filters can filter viruses, the trick is picking one with an MPR rating of 1500 and up. An MPR1500 filter will filter 54% of viruses and contaminants and a HEPA level filter will approach 99%, if you can find them!

We ordered 2 Ultra Allergen Healthy Living MPR 1500 filters from Amazon for about $40 a pair. I cut the filter out of the cardboard frame and then cut it into pieces about 4″ x 5″, removing the metal grid as the final step.

Finally, we folded the loose filter into our folded bandanna mask. In the end there are 5 layers of folded cotton bandanna and two or three layers of filer, depending on how you fold it. Our plan is to use the filters as a one time use item and throw them away immediately after using the face mask and then either machine wash or hand wash the bandanna in hot soapy water.

We are just worried people, like you, not scientists or doctors but we do hope that the more layers of filtration between us and WalMart the better and if you agree we hope this is helpful!


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