Are you going to Vegas and looking for something different to do? Dreamed of going to the Albuquerque Balloon festival but can’t plan a year out for reservations? Or do you just like big piles of color on the ground and in the sky? The Pahrump Balloon Festival is an annual event that is growing in popularity with both fans and pilots combining small town rodeo, fair food and games, and of course, hot air balloons.

Arrive in the morning and you can watch, up close and personal – and even be enlisted to help – , dozens of balloons being readied for flight. Proud teams, members of a small close knit community, unload gear from trailers and truck beds creating streaks of color across the field. Streaks of color soon become piles of color, piles of color stand up to salute the sky, and soon, one by one, they decorate a clear blue desert sky like hanging Christmas tree ornaments. Each one unique, bright, and leaving me unable to pick a favorite.

We were fortunate that our RV Park, Preferred RV Resort, was treated to our own private Glow Show. What an opportunity to spend an hour with the pilot and crew, learn about the process and gear, and of course be wowed by the woosh of the hot air filling the balloon, feel the heat in your face and wish you were going for a ride.


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