Today Facebook reminded us that it was three years ago today that we left a traditional stick and brick house, and that May 1st it will be three years of retirement.

We frequently hear from people we meet “You guys are living my dream”. Well, we’re living ours too! Two years ago we took this show international and spent a month in Mexico and this last year, after a long trip to Florida for the winter, we focused on seeing family and friends from Bakersfield up the west coast to Oregon and Washington. We cruised, we rodeo’d, we nursed a friends busted ankle and we got to spend more time with the grandkids!

One of our biggest achievements this past year was that we finally started to take our health seriously and combined we’ve lost damn near 100 pounds! We run 5K’s and 10K’s monthly now and one of the things I am most proud of is that our kids are following suit and even bringing their kids along on family walks! I’m not much of an emotional guy, but this chokes me up and is the gem of the dream we’re living!

This year? Well we expect to spend the spring and summer in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas seeing more friends and family with a jump into the Rockies when it gets too hot. We’re already booked on a short cruise and a 3 day country music festival in Kansas. We are developing a new web site so stay tuned for our upcoming premiere!

Indeed, we are living the dream. We’ve learned alot about life on the road, love seeing the country and we now have our recipe. A few months on the road exploring small town America with all it’s beauty and interesting people, so full of fairness, diversity and success. But it is visiting all the people we love along the way that makes this truly living the dream.


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