From Hermiston, Oregon, we cut the corner of Washington and decided to do a little “Cabela Camping” in Core Duh Lane, Idaho (or Coeur D’Alene for those of you who can spell it correctly twice in a row).

We did a little day trippin here – all the sight seeing requirements:  we walked the historic downtown, drove a ways around the lake, walked the floating boardwalk, crashed a skin head rally and cross burning up in Hayden Lake…..ok, maybe not the last one, but we did go to a Mud Bog race and that was great!

I’d really love to build a jeep to do this sometime….there were two lanes dug out with a backhoe, one four feet deep and the other two.  They then bring in a cement truck full of mud and a water truck to fill the lanes and you have mud bog racing Idaho style!  Jeeps and a big block Chevy dominated the night.  Each driver faced their opponents twice, once in each lane and it was surprising how many were able to be victorious even in the deep lane.  The Cherokee with tractor tires always won – a testament to Jeeps and creative thinking!





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